• Hazeldean Spring Bull Sale results 2017


Story courtesy The Land, Spetember 2017


What better way to start a sale day then with a fall of snow, that is what awaited those who attended the Hazeldean Spring bull sale held on property Hazeldean, Cooma.


The sale concluded a big run of spring sales for the Litchfield family in which three hundred bulls were offered across three separate sales held in Jackson, QLD, Gracemere, QLD, and finally Cooma, NSW.


Hazeldean cleared 93 of the 99 bulls offered for an average of $7000 reaching a top of $15,000 for a Rennylea Edmund E11 son in Hazeldean Lochie L347.


Lochie L347 was purchased by EJ Merriman & sons, “Ravensworth”, Yass.

However, the Merriman’s did not stop there, they purchased nine bulls in all for a $9333 average.


The second top money of $13,000 was recorded three times. The Merriman’s purchased Hazeldean Lomax L1183 sired by Hazeldean Jalana J1510. Bannaby Angus, Taralga, secured a Rennylea Edmund E11 son in Hazeldean Lymington L26.


While Jim Murray, Moonbah, took home Hazeldean Lovely L604 a Sydgen Black Pearl son. Other volume buyers included AO & KJ Waldren, “Nandawar”, Nimmitabel who purchased seven bulls reaching a top of $9000 on the way to a $6429 average.


Mark Kracht, Mittagong, also purchased seven this time for a $4857 average with a top of $7000 reached.

While Bundarbo Station, Gundagai, got stuck in and purchased four bulls for a $9000 average to a top of $10,000.

The auction was conducted by Elders, Goulburn, with Paul Dooley, Tamworth the guest auctioneer.


Steve and Matt Merriman, "Ravensworth", Yass, who purchased the top price bull at $15,000 and eight mates.


  • Hazeldean North Queensland Bull Sale results 2017


Story courtesy Queensland Country Life - Kelly Butterworth, August 2017


A STRONG show of support at the Hazeldean Angus and Senegus sale saw a top price of $11,500 at the family’s second ever Gracemere sale. 


The Angus bulls proved most popular, with a 100 per cent clearance, the top price bull ($11,500), a gross of $108,000, and an average of $5684. The Senegus also sold well, with 50 of 53 bulls offered selling to a 94 per cent clearance rate, a gross of $215,500, and an average of $4310. 


Overall the sale grossed $323,500 for an average of $4688. 


Top priced bull was the seventh lot of the day, Hazeldean Laurencho L95. Laurencho impressed in the books as well as in the flesh, with a scrotal circumference of 39cm, an EMA of 127sq cm, and tipping the scales at am impressed 950kg at 24 months of age. He was the sole purchase of Windsorvale Grazing, Charters Towers, and was purchased over the phone.


John Roche, Brad Passfield, Hourn and Bishop, Hazeldean Laurencho L95, Jim and Bea Litchfield, and Ed Bradley.

 John Roche, Hazeldean, Brad Passfield, Hourn and Bishop, Hazeldean Laurencho L95, Jim and Bea Litchfield, and Ed Bradley.



The two second top priced bulls, which sold for $9000 apiece were also Angus bulls, Hazeldean Laudalino L383, and Hazeldean Lac L24.


Laudalino boasted 874kg of red meat, a scrotal circumference of 37cm, and an EMA of 118sq cm. He sold to Spring Creek Grazing, Springsure. 


Similarly, Lac weighed 852kg, had an EMA of 116sq cm, and a scrotal circumference of 40cm. Lac went home with Chas Nobbs, Moura. 


Mr Nobbs took home three bulls from the sale, all Angus bulls, grossing $22,500 for an average of $7500.

The volume buyer of the sale was Lawrie Grazing Trust, Powlathanga, Charters Towers, who purchased ten bulls over the phone.


The bulls grossed $32,500 for an average of $3250. They were all Senegus bulls. Also buying big were the Camp family, Floraville, Burketown, who purchased seven Senegus bulls. The Camps’ purchases grossed $37,500 for an average of $5358. 


Vendors Jim and Libby Litchfield said they were more than happy with the result of the sale, which was their second Queensland sale for the year after holding one in Jackson only a week ago. 


Mr Litchfield said the support from buyers was fantastic. 

“I’m very happy with the sale today, it was a good clearance, and we were pretty happy with it being our second sale – it’s all looking up from here,” he said. 


He said the family will be returning to Gracemere next year, and said going into the sale the top priced bull was a favourite. 


“He was definitely one of the top ones, lot six was probably my preference, but it all comes down to what two people want,” he said. 


“He’s just a long bodied, thick bull, he has plenty of capacity and his numbers are good, his EBVs are good, I can see what got him up there.” 


The family run about 3500 cows, in the stud Angus herd they have 2000 breeders, and in the Senegus stud herd they have about 200 joined each year.


Mr Litchfield said he is hoping to soon have 400 Senegus breeders in the herd as they continue to focus on breeding bulls for the northern markets.


“When you look at the reproduction rates in a lot of northern herds there’s a real opening there, and a real need to produce high fertility cattle,” he said.


“But also now with the demand for carcase that’s coming through and the demand we’re seeing for Angus, I think there’s a really strong imperative…for people to start making a change.” 


He said the decision to turn towards the Senepols in the crossbreeding came about in the early 2000s.

Selling agents: Hourn and Bishop. 



  • Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale  results 2017

Story courtesy Queensland Country Life - Lucy Kinbacher, August2017


NOT even gusty winds could blow away the bidding interest for Hazeldean Angus genetics at their annual Queensland bull sale in Jackson today, which saw a top of $16,000. 


114 bulls were offered by the Litchfield family, Cooma, NSW, selling for an average of $7907, just short of last year’s average of $8196.


Hazeldean Lavr topped the sale when he reached $16,000 and was knocked down to Alister and Joanne McClymont, Burleigh Station, Richmond.

Jim Litchfield, Hazeldean Angus, with Kevin Graham representing buyers Alister and Joanne McClymont, Burleigh Station, Richmond, who purchased the top priced bull, Hazeldean Lavr, for $16,000.

 Jim Litchfield, Hazeldean Angus, with Kevin Graham representing buyers Alister and Joanne McClymont, Burleigh Station, Richmond, who purchased the top priced bull, Hazeldean Lavr, for $16,000.


At 22-months-old, Lavr weighed in at 896kg with a scrotal circumference of 40cm, 127cm EMA and 75 per cent semen test. 

Lavr was one of two Hazeldean Janpara sons the McClymont’s bought, the other being Hazeldean Luitpold who was the second top price bull at $14,000. A Carrabar Docklands son, Hazeldean Leningrad, selling for $12,500 completed their purchases.


There were 58 registered bid cards on the day with the sale also livestreamed on AuctionsPlus for the first time.

The McClymont’s operate a large composite herd of Angus, Charolais, Senepol and Brahman genetics and focus on breeding bulls and cattle for the feeder steer and fat market.


Kevin Graham of Kevin Graham Consulting Pty Ltd was on hand to purchase the McClymont’s bulls and said it was Lavr’s growth, production figures, temperament and muscling that had caught his attention.


“I thought he was just the full package,” he said.

“All three bulls had excellent figures.”


The Litchfield family have sent their bulls north for Queensland buyers since 1994 when they noticed the need to offer the state bulls of high performance and quality backed by scans and testing.


The Hazeldean Northern Performance Sale bulls are raised on grass down south before they enter Bellevue Feedlot, owned by Justin and Sherrill Stivano, Roma, and are prepared on grain until sale day.


Hazeldean principle Jim Litchfield said this year’s draft had only been on grain for 70 days, a shorter period than usual, after a promising season at Cooma.



“I feel a bit like Goldilocks as a stud breeder, bulls are either too big or too small but this year they are just right,” he said.

“We are very happy with the sale, it’s a higher top than last year ($15,000).” 


Simon and Katrina Body, Tarrawonga, Wallumbilla, were the standout volume buyers on the day, putting together a line of 14 bulls for an average of $6,285.



Breeding Angus and Angus cross feeder steers on their property, Mr Body said he had been looking for value and qualities that would suit that market when selecting their draft.


“We normally look at EBVs like birthweight, 600 day growth and intramuscular fat figures,” he said. 


Other volume buyers on the day included Consolidated Pastoral Company, Newcastle Waters Station, Northern Territory who purchased eight bulls averaging $8125 and Institutional Investments, Roma Downs, Roma, with a line of seven bulls averaging $10,428. 


  • Hazeldean Autumn Bull Sale results 2017 


Story courtesy The Land - Stephen Burns, May 2017


A complete clearance of 63 performance bulls and 147 commercial females was achieved on Thursday at Hazeldean's Autumn Bull and Female Sale.

The top priced bull, at $13,000 was paid by repeat buyer Gunningrah, Bombala, represented by station manager Damien Ventry. Mr. Ventry considered his purchase, Hazeldean Landlord, a July 2015 drop son of Carrabar Docklands D62, the outstanding  selection among an even line of bulls.

"We grow our steers out to feedlot weights, and in line with good prices for our stock, we are looking to improve our cow herd," Mr. Ventry said. Mr Ventry selected a draft of four bulls to average $10,750.

Repeat buyer, Margo Duncan, East Seaham, returned to Hazeldean to buy eight new, sires to average $6750 and top at $10,000 twice. Ms Duncan has been selecting replacement sires from Hazeldean for the past 15 years, and is happy with the performance of the Monaro-based genetics in the lower Hunter.

"They really do a good job for me," she said,. "We sell vealers at eight months weighing an average of 280 kg."

Will Tetley, Quirindi, bought five sires to $8000 twice for an average of $7100, Peter Johnstone Woodstock, paid to $11,000 for his draft of three bulls which average $7333, and James and Mandy O'Brien, Braidwood, selected three sires to top at $10,000 and average $7666.

Other notable sales included one at $12,000 paid for one in a draft of two bulls bought by Jonathon Duff, Manildra, which averaged $9000, one at $11,000 and one at $10,000 when purchased by Austin McClennan, Goulburn, and two at $10,000 each bought by the Seaman family, Dunkeld.

INdividual purchases included one at $12,000 bought by Stephen Shipton, CObargo, and one at $10,000 selected by Peter Sands, Cooma.

Of the 147 seven to eight month old commercial heifers on offer, the top pen of 33 heifers weighing an average of 249kg sold to Shaun Connolly Bega for $1000.





  • Hazeldean SA Bull Sale results 2017 


Story courtesy Stock Journal February 2017


HAZELDEAN Angus stud followed the general trend of this year's bull sales with an improved average and top at Willalooka on Tuesday, February 14. There were 55 bulls sold for an average of $6663, which was $592 up on last year. 

First-time buyer Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School, Tamworth, NSW, bought the top price bull – Hazeldean Leura L14. The school runs its own Angus stud, which is managed by Marty Peeters, who inspected the bull at the recent Beef Field Days.Students are also involved in all aspects of the stud’s operation and management including selection of cattle, marking, collection of production data, leading to an on-property bull sale, which is conducted by the students. 

Leura is a late July 2015-drop weighing 732 kilograms. Its sire was Rennylea Edmund Nor E11 and it was out of a Hazeldean dam.
Buying the second highest price bull at $11,000 were Andrew and Lisa Brown, Donald Brown & Co, Keppoch.Hazeldean Lambert L541 was a August 2015-drop that weighed 754kg. The Browns are long-time clients of Hazeldean and focus on producing Angus calves for the yearling market at Naracoorte.

“I find Hazeldean cattle easy-doing and easy-calving, while producing good growth and weight for age, which is what we’re looking for,” Mr Brown said.

Hazeldean’s Guy Cunningham said he was very happy with how the sale went.“We sell younger bulls that are well-grown but not too big,” he said.“Fertility is the main thing we focus on, Hazeldean’s whole philosophy is based on reproductive efficiency.”

 At the Hazeldean Angus sale were Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen Naracoorte agent Ray Jaensch, Hazeldean's Sarah Cunningham, buyers Lisa and Andrew Brown, Donald Brown & Co, Keppoch, and Hazeldean's Guy Cunningham.


  • Hazeldean North Queensland Bull Sale results 2016 


Story courtesy Julie Sheehan October 2016

Confidence in the northern beef industry brought Jim and Libby Litchfield and family to hold their inaugural Hazeldean Senegus and Angus Bull sale at Gracemere, Queensland, last Tuesday. 


With many new buyers purchasing at the sale it was clear that this will be a sale to mark on the calendar for next year for many.


Overall 57 bulls sold from 60 giving a 95 per cent clearance with an average of $4250. The Angus draft of 20 bulls met a 100pc clearance with an average of $4649 and the Senegus bulls sold 37 from 40 giving a 92.5pc clearance for a $4864 average.


Top-price was $10,000 for a Senegus, Hazeldean SK034 weighing in at 806 kilograms, by the outstanding sire 5 Star 316. SK034 was purchased by Kim and Carol Lansdowne, Katherine River Pastoral Company, who were chasing this sire for his powerful genetic traits. Losing bidder was Geoff Maynard from 5 Star Senepols who was also a volume buyer. Mr Maynard’s interest in Hazeldean genetics led him to purchasing the entire female Senepol herd when the Litchfields dispersed their Senepol stud.


Second highest price was reached twice with Hazeldean Kumquat K658 (APR) for $9500 purchased by Harrow Grazing, Injune, QLD. Hazeldean Kumquat K658 was by the sire Matauri Reality 839.


Hazeldean Kings Cross K146 (HBR) also hit the $9500 and is going to his new home in the Theodore district, QLD, to John Dickens and family.


SALE-TOPPER: Brad Passfield, Hourn and Bishop, Queensland, with Bea Litchfield her father Jim Litchfield, Hazeldean and top-price Hazeldean SK034 that sold to Kim & Carol Lansdowne for $10,000




  • Hazeldean Spring Bull Sale results 2016 


Story courtesy Nathan O'Sullivan The Land, September 2016

Sunshine, and a new sale barn greeted buyers at the Litchfield families Hazeldean spring Angus bull sale last Tuesday.

With the new complex opened by auctioneering great Tony Dowe, Sydney, the action got underway that saw 80 Hazeldean bulls sold for an average of $8125 and reaching a modest top of $13500.

E.J. Merriman, “Humewood”, Yass, rang the bell purchasing Hazeldean Korea K153 for $13,500, a AAR Ten X son who had been used in the Hazeldean program and was in the top five per cent of breed for calving ease and top 10pc for milk and the domestic index.

Following suit they also secured Hazeldean Killjoy K1097 for $13,000 a Carrabar Docklands D62 son with top 5pc gestation length and domestic and heavy grain indexes.

Pipped at the post R.G. Walker and L.J. Phillips, “Slap Up”, Jerangle, and P Voss, “Three Creeks”, Braidwood, both paid $13,000 for a Matauri Reality 839, and Rennylea Edmund E11 sons respectively.

Leading the volume buyers was Craiglea Partnership, “Craiglea”, Hobbys Yards, who secured five bulls including three sons of Matauri Reality 839 for an average price of $8800 and topping at $10,000.

Operating on behalf of Craiglea Partnership was Bowyer and Livermore agent Justin Guy who said they were after quality bulls with an emphasis placed on figures.

“The Hazeldean bulls have represented good buying in the commercial realms,” Mr Guy said.

WKW Holdings, Braidwood, lifted the average, paying to $10,500 for a AAR Ten X son Hazeldean Kurosawa K751 as they put together a draft of four bulls to average $10,125.

While Bundarbo Station, Jugiong, purchased four bulls paying a top of $10,000 on the way to a $8750 average.

Romani Pastoral Company, “Brawlin Springs”, Cootamundra, also secured four bulls for an average of $7125 paying to $8000.

Kobold Pty Ltd, Mogo Station, Batemans Bay, bought well to average $5125 as they took home four bulls.

Hazeldean principal Jim Litchfield said he was very very happy with the sale result.

“It was a good crowd and very consistent sale,” Mr Litchfield said. 

“Realitys and Edmunds sold well.” 

Bulls were offered to spirited competition by Michael Glasser of Glasser's Total Sales Management


SALE RESULTS - 80 Bulls topped at $13,500 to average $8125...view full results

Justin Guy, Bowyer and Livermore, Bathurst who purchased five bulls on behalf of Craiglea Partnership, with auctioneer Michael Glasser, and Hazeldean’s Jim and Bea Litchfield.


  • Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale results 2016 

Story courtesy Lucy Ziesemer, The Queensland Country Life, August 15 2016


It seems there has never been a better time to be in beef and the team at Hazeldean Angus were sure to agree after a very positive result from Thursday’s sale at Pinora, Jackson.

Hazeldean offered 101 performance Angus bulls in their 2016 draft and reached 100 per cent clearance for an average of $8196.

Hazeldean Kendal sold for a top price of $15000 to Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC).With a scrotal circumference of 43cm and an impressive weight of 926kg, the Matauri Reality son was joined by another of the same pedigree, Hazeldean Klaxon, who also sold to CPC for $9500. 

Hazeldean principle Jim Litchfield, Cooma, New South Wales, said he noticed a particularly strong following of certain bloodlines this year. “The Reality and Thunderbird sire lines attracted a great deal of interest most likely due to their bigger size and structure,” Mr Litchfield said.

“The bigger growthy bulls with scan figures to match sold really well and that’s something we’re noticing more and more at our northern sales. “We still need to provide a selection of smaller bulls capable of producing a reliable replacement heifer calf for our clients, but the trend at the moment is definitely towards a sizable article.”

Paraway Pastoral Company were the standout volume buyers of the day, putting together a total of 37 bulls for an average of $7243. While a Paraway representative was unable to comment Mr Litchfield said he believed the bulls were destined for the company’s Camooweal operation and would be joined with Santa cows with the intention of boosting fertility.

Mr Litchfield said the bulls were “slightly heavier and fatter” than they preferred due to spending more time than usual in Justin and Sherrill Stivanos’ feedlot at Bellevue, Roma.

“They normally do a maximum of 90 days on feed but we ended up bringing them up at the end of April because our Autumn down south really cut out,” he said.

“It does have positives though because they’re better acclimatised especially for buyers such as Paraway who will take their bulls further north.”

In reflecting on the day’s success Mr Litchfield said the strength of other seedstock sales and the general national cattle market in the lead up to the Hazeldean sale had him quietly confident about a strong result.


“This is excellent- it’s our 22nd sale and it’s the best result we’ve had here,” he said. “I’ve seen a few bad sales and a few good ones but this exceeded our expectations even knowing the state of the market.” 

SALE RESULTS - 101 Bulls offered and sold to a top of $15,000 and $8200 average....view full results

Jim Litchfield, Hazeldean Angus, repeat buyer Scott Bates, Winnathoola, Wallumbilla, Bea Litchfield, Hazeldean, and Hazeldean stud manager Ben Rolfe agreed the sale result was a positive reflection of the Australian beef industry.


  • Hazeldean Autumn Bull Sale results 2016



Story courtesy Nathan O'Sullivan, The Land, May12th 2016


A delightful autumn Monaro afternoon greeted attendees at the Litchfield family's Hazeldean Angus Autumn bull sale last Thursday with high price of $16,000 reached.

In what was a thrilling sale afternoon, the 52 bulls were cleared to an average of $7,183 proving that Hazeldean's constant focus on maternal traits such as fertility, calving ease, and short gestation length whilst maintaining above average growth, eye muscle area, ad marbling is noticeably meeting genetic demand within the industry.


The top money was paid by Coolac Cattle Co., "Cooininee", Coolac, for Hazeldean Kibble K834, an August 2014 drop son of Matauri Reality 839 who sired seven bulls that sold to an average of $8,000. Kibble K834 presented with near perfect structure under the beef class structural assessment scorer, Liam Cardile, Holbrook. He weighed 778kg at time of sale and had a scrotal circumference of 46cm.


Coolac Cattle Co. were also among the volume buyers purchasing four bulls to a top of $16,000 and averaging $9,875


Leading the volume buyers were B and M Duncan, Raymond Terrace, who purchased six bulls to a top of $7,000 and averaging $5,750 for their Hunter Valley self-replacing Angus herd. Margo Duncan, who has been purchasing Hazeldean bulls for 15 years, said the Hazeldean genetics do a good job in their herd, producing good growthy calves that are turned off as weaners.


“We select bulls that have good growth and are docile, using the Angus group breedplan docility estimated breeding value,” Mrs Duncan said.


Others among the volume buyers were Gunningrah Pty Ltd, “Gunningrah”, Bombala, who topped at $10,000 for six to average $8,500. R.A. and K.I. Reed, “Woodborough”, Delegate, purchased three bulls for an average of  $7,167 topping at $10,000 and N.A.M. and P.J. Lette, “Birkenhead”, Berridale, also purchased three to a high of $7,000 and averaged $4,833.


Hazealdean’s stud cattle overseer Ben Rolfe said it was a strong sale. “The bulls presented well having been finished for the last couple of months on oats,” Mr Rolfe said.


“There was consistent quality along with great temperament. The Reality sons sold well, however it was impressive how home-bred sires stacked up with AI sires”.


“The commercial females to be offered via AuctionsPlus on Friday May 13 have inspected well.”

Bulls were offered to spirited competition by Michael Glasser, Glasser's Total Sales Management, Wodonga.


SALE RESULTS - 52 bulls offered & sold to a top of  $16,000 and $7200 average...view full results 


 Michael Glasser, GTSM, Bea & Jim Litchfield, and Ben Rolfe, "Hazeldean" Cooma


  • Hazeldean SA Bull Sale results 2016


Story courtesy The Stock Journal, Feb 18th 2016


EXCELLENT results were achieved at the Hazeldean Angus bull sale, Willalooka, on Tuesday last week, with the top, average and clearance all well up. The top price was $4500 up on the previous year at $12,000. The average was also more than $1100 up at $6071.


There was a 100 per cent clearance of 56 bulls, 19 more than offered the previous year. The top price bull was bought by David Brown, Boolringar Station, Lucindale. Mr Brown has been buying Hazeldean bulls for the past 20 years.


“The stud has been fantastic for me through the years,” he said. “I get great feedback from customers when I tell them I’ve used genetics from the Hazeldean stud.”


Mr Brown said he chased the top price bull because he had his sire earmarked – SAV Thunderbird 9061. With opportunities to purchase his sons dwindling once pen 33 was reached in the catalogue, Mr Brown bid up on Hazeldean Kabbala K465. The 18-month-old top price bull weighed 694 kilograms and it rated +115 on the Angus Breeding Index.


Mr Brown also purchased another bull for $7500 – Hazeldean Keynes K462 – which was also sired by SAV Thunderbird 9061. It was also 18 months old, weighed 688kg and rated +116 on the Angus Breeding Index. Mr Brown runs a pure Angus enterprise with 2000 cows. He breeds his own bulls and said the sires purchased at Hazeldean would be used for that purpose.


The second highest price paid at the sale was $9000, and that was achieved four times. Buyers paying to the second highest price included JH Ryan & Son, Greenways, who purchased three bulls, twice at $9000 and another at $8500. The two $9000 bulls bought by JH Ryan & Son were Hazeldean Kalamia K57, an 18-month-old that weighed 708kg and measured +120 on the Angus Breeding Index, and Hazeldean Kooringal K1633, a 20-month-old that weighed 712kg and measured +125 on the Angus Breeding Index.


Hillcrest Pastoral, Avenue Range, bought five bulls – two at $7000, and one at $6000, $5500 and $5000. SA & GE Smith, Lucindale, bought three bulls for $8500, $8000 and $5000. DH Prosser & Son, Marcollat, bought two bulls for $9000 & $8000.