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Hazeldean has three properties in New South Wales, two in the Monaro region of south eastern NSW near the town of Cooma (Hazeldean and Myalla) and the other in near Adelong (Springdale).


Cooma is the headquarters of the business and holds the main breeding unit for Hazeldean Angus and Hazeldean Merinos. Sprindale at Adelong contains a breeding herd of Hazeldean Angus and Senegus and a branch of the Hazeldean Merino stud flock. 


Hazeldean holds sales at Hazeldean  for Merinos and Angus, and at Rosevale at Hay, a Merino sale is conducted.


The Hazeldean South Australian Angus Bull Sale is held and operated by Guy and Sarah Cunningham who from 2008, in a joint venture. The Hazeldean SA Bull Sale is held on their property, Gumbowie, at Willalooka in South Australia in mid February.


For several years Hazeldean owned the property, Myall Plains near St. George in southern Queensland and held the Northern Performance Angus and Senegus bull sale in August. Since the sale of the property in 2006, the Annual Northern Performance bull sale is held at the Pinora Sale Complex at Jackson, 80 km east of Roma.



Hazeldean and Myalla - Monaro, New South Wales

Enterprises: Headquarters and breeding and sale base for Hazeldean Merinos and Hazeldean Angus
Sale venue: Hazeldean Merinos - November, Hazeldean Angus - March, May and September
Location: Cooma, Monaro District of southern New South Wales
Size: 30,000 acres (Hazeldean & Myalla)
Elevation: 1000m
Soils: mix of basalt and granite soils, undulating hills with wooded areas and open plains with native grasses including Poa tussock.
Rainfall: 19" primarily falling in summer
Managing Director: Hazeldean - Jim Litchfield


Hazeldean is located 1.5 hours drive south of Canberra.

Rex airlines flies daily to Cooma - www.rex.com.au

There are daily flights from all capital cities to Canberra Airport
Hazeldean is 20 minutes from the Snowy Mountains/Cooma Airport which is all weather and has lights. For privately chartered aircraft plesae call 02 645999 for airport details

From Cooma town centre, Sharp St.  (at the Park) take the Monaro Hwy ( Bombala St.) towards Nimmitabel for 1.5 km and then turn right down Maffra Rd (also named Church Rd. and Bobundara). Hazeldean is 14km from this turn-off on the right hand side.

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