• Hazeldean Merinos Monaro Ram Sale 2012


The Hazeldean Monaro Ram Sale held on Wednesday 14th November saw a large crowd gathered and resulted in a 100% clearance, topping at $4,000 and averaging $1707.

Average for the 34 Poll rams offered was $1700, with Lot 118 topping the Polls at $3750. Sired by Coromandel 07-0002 his index was 156 and ASBV’s were -2.3 for FD, +17 for CFW and +2.8 for yearling weight. Alan McGufficke, Greendale Merino stud Cooma was the purchaser.

There were 109 horned merinos offered, topping at $4,000 for lot 114 purchased by long term Hazeldean client, Buster Dawes, Western Australia. Sired by Hazeldean 05-7731 he had an index of 143 and ASBV’s of -1.2 for FD, +13 for CFW and +1.6 for YWT. Mr. Dawes purchased 2 other rams for $3,400 each.


Volume buyers included Curwin McClure, Tarcutta – 8 rams to a top of $3,200, Elizabeth Balderstone, Darriman – 12 rams, James Flick, Cumnock – 8 rams, Fergus Irving, Woodside, 16 rams, Tony Hill, Cootamundra – 9 to a top of $3400, Tony Flannery - 12 to a top of $3600, Brian Anderson – 10 to a top of $2400.


The auctioneer was Michael Glasser.


Thank you to all buyers and bidders for your support.

top priced ram 2012  

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Buyers of top priced ram Buster & Olivia Dawes,
long term clients from WA, pictured with
Bea & James Litchfield and Hazeldean staff members


Many thanks to all who attended the 2012 Hazeldean Ram Sale. Here is a video of the ram sale & interviews with clients and key industry personalities


  • Hazeldean Merinos Riverina Ram sale 2012

Story courtesy The Land, October 2012

Western Riverina-bred Poll Merino rams from the Litchfield family's Hazeldean stud were in demand at their recent sale at "Rosevale", Hay, with $2400 paid for the top-priced poll ram on the day.

Of the 119 rams offered, 111 sold at auction for an average of $1288. In the breakdown 75 of 80 Merino rams sold under the hammer to average . $1300 while 36 of the 39 Poll Merino rams sold to average $1256.

The top priced ram was a Poll Merino by Stockman Jim and secured by long-time Hazeldean clients Duncan and Rod Chisholm, Seymour, Victoria, who took home five rams for an average of $1800. 

The top-priced ram had a wool micron of 17.1, standard deviation of 3.04 micron, co-efficient of variation of 17.4 per cent and Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV's) of -2.6 for yearling fibre diameter, yearling clean fleece weight of 11pc, yearling weight of +3, yearling fibre diameter co-efficient of variation of 1.7pc, and an index of 7pc plus staple strength of 142.

Volume buyer was Goorama Pty Ltd, "Lowlynn", Galong, which bought a mix of 13 Merino and Poll Merino rams for a top price of $2200 to average $1431.

A.B. Eckert and Sons, Strathalbyn, South Australia, bought six rams for a top of $2000 to average $1433. Curry Flat Pastoral Company, Nimmitabel, secured seven rams for a $1600 top to average $1200.

There was a large cross-section of buyers from Narrabri, Broken Hill, Burren Junction, Cooma, Dubbo and Hay as well as from Bordertown, SA and the Victorian districts of Ararat, Cohuna, Seymour and Ocean Grove.
The sale was conducted by Landmark, with Kevin Norris the auctioneer.



  • Hazeldean Merinos Elite Short Wool Ram sale 2012

story courtesy The Land, March 1


Merino rams sold to $2600 at the annual short wool ram sale and woolgrowers breakfast at Hazeldean, Cooma, last Thursday. There were 24elite reserve rams offered at the sale which all cleared for an average of $1766.

The top -priced ram was secured by Michael Miners, "Longfield", Dalgety, follwoing spirited bidding for $2600. The horned ram measured 18.76 micron, standard deviation of 2.98-micron and coefficient variation of 15.96 per cent.

Mr. Miners who has been a client of Hazeldean for 10 years, said he selected the ram for its large frame and good wool and skin cover. He runs a 1500 head self-replacing Merino breeding flock with an average wool micron of 19.5.

Volume buyer was Meurer Pastoral, Bombala, which bought 10 rams for a top of $1800 (five times). Colin Murdoch, Murdoch Bros. , Ando, secured a 20.03-micron ram for $2000.

R and D Mclure, Tarcuta, bought a 17.74-micron ram for $2400. 

Hazeldean Principal, Jim Litchfield said the rams were among the best performing rams of their year group - just one notch below the rams Hazeldean itself retains. The rams were thoroughly assessed with two fleece measurements and visual assessment prior to cataloguing and were also given a style and fleece quality rating.

Guest speaker at the woolgrwoers breakfast was Prof. Andrew Vizard, from  the Melbourne University Faculty of Veterinary Science and leader of The Mackinnon Project - bequest specifically for research into wool production and grazing industries.

Professor Vizard spoke about breeding objectives and genetic selection when purchasing rams.


  1. Hazeldean Merinos Monaro Ram Sale 2011

Story courtesy BRETT TINDAL, The Land


The Annual Hazeldean Merino ram sale at Cooma was again the largest offering of Merino and Poll Merino rams at this year's Monaro ram sales week, with all 155 sellling to the top price for the week of $7500.

The Hazeldean sale always finishes the ram selling week on a positive note and this year was no different, with the 155 rams averaging $1716, up from $1296 last year.

Although a top sale, it was a sad day as long-time stud stock auctioneer Tony Dowe, Sydney, hung up his hat and gavel for the last time after a stellar career in the agency game. Mr. Dowe chose to hold his last sale at Hazeldean due to his 43 year association selling on-farm for the Litchfield family, and viewed it as a fitting end to a big chapter in his life.
Mr. Dowe said he stook over his first Hazeldean sheep at the old Goulburn ram sales 50 years ago, but had been selling for 43 years consecutively at the on-poperty sale.

Back to the real reason for the day and that was the ram sale, where return top price buyers from last year's sale Brett and Nick Tremain, Ferndale Partnership, Yeoval, bought the top-priced ram for $7500 and two others at $2600 and $3000 for the family partnership.

The top ram was a Stockman Jim son, ranked 18th in the contemporary group, with a 168.1 index and 1.5 for weight. The Tremains thought it had good figures with an equally as good, well-nourished staple and bright wool.  It will be used to breed rams for their operation.

Long-time client Buster Dawes, Yearling, Western Australia, paid $3000 apiece for two stylish rams with good productive wool and growth rates, while Curwin Maclure Dunedin Tarcutta led the charge at the top end buying eight rams including three at $3000, to average $2350.

Bulk orders were the theme of the day with 24 of the 32 buyers taking three or more rams home and 12 of these taking home more than five.
TonyTony Hill, "Springvale" Cootmundra, again put a solid floor in the market, buying 23 rams to a $2600 top to average $1843, while starting  the bidding on a large portion of the rams.

Chris Komor, "Willowbend", Boorowa, bought 13 rams for his merino operation, paying no higher than $1600 and averagin $1277, while John Cottle, "Shirley", Nimmitabel, again targeted good rams and averaged $1350 for eight.
Robert Gordon, "BIrkenburn", Bungendore, followed suit buying nine rams averaging $1067, while Dean

Smith, "Glenburn" Tarcutta, picked the eyes out of the sale securing six to $2800, averagin $2233, and David Glasson, "Jimenbuen", Dalgety bought three rams averaging $2267.


  • Hazeldean Merinos Riverina Ram Sale 2011

Story courtesy BRETT TINDAL, The Land

Poll Merinos continue to attract strong competition across the State as producers capitalize on the better genetics and more consistent types available.
The annual Hazeldean Merinos Riverina ram draft at “Rosevale” Hay last Thursday was no different with the polls drawing the most competition and topping the sale at $4200, as 94  merino and Poll Merino rams collectively averaged $1600, up from $1270 last year.
In the breakdown, the Merino rams topped at $3200 and averaged $1506, while the poll draft offered sold to the sale top of $4200, averaging $1780.

The top two poll rams were bought by David and Erica Shorter, “Boola”, Burren Junction, who purchased five polls in total, averaging $2640
Mr. Shorter said they wanted poll rams that could produce wether lambs which hit market weights earlier, with good wool.
The top ram was an 18.5 micron Stockman Jim son, with outstanding wool cut and micron, ranked number six in the entire Hazeldean lamb drop, indexing 171.3; 5.3 above the yearling weight average.

Coniston Pastoral Company, Ballyrogan, Victoria, set a strong pace from the start, securing seven stylish rams to $2600 and averaging $2286, while D. Chisholm and Sons, “Fernside” Seymour landed four at $1600.
D.E. and A Gibson, Rowsley, bought the top horned ram for $3200 in a draft of eight which included several polls, averaging $2175.
The top horned ram measured 16.61 micron, with a 2.51 micron standard deviation, 15.06 percent coefficient of variation and +1.7 for yearling weight.
Craig Wilson, Bluechip Livestock, Wagga, bought 12 rams for various clients, averaging $1383, while James Larritt,  “Woodstock”, Cooma, bought seven for $1357.
Warrigal Creek nominees, “Warrigal Creek”, Darriman, purchased 10 rams at $1450 chasing soft white wools on good testing rams, while P and G Hare, Cohuna, Vic, secured 10 at $1080.
Rounding out the sale, Robertan Pastoral, “North Woodlands”, Navarre, Vic, averaged $1425 for eight, and A. B. Eckert and Sons, Strathalbyn, South Australia, bought five at $1640.


  • Hazeldean Merinos Monaro Ram Sale 2010

Story courtesy BRETT TINDAL, The Land

 Hazeldean shows the way

THE name Hazeldean is synonymous with Merino sheep and Angus cattle and again proved why, with buyers from several states again flocking to the Hazeldean Merino ram sale at Cooma for stud sires and new flock rams.

In a year where Merino rams have been the flavor for most sheep breeders it was no wonder 105 of 106 rams topped at $3800 and averaged $1450 at auction, before another 51 of 58 grade rams were sold over the pen on the day for an impressive $980 average, totaling 156 of 164 rams selling for $1296.

There was a series of front runners in the sale with nine buyers snapping up five rams or more out of the sale, with four of these buyers then proceeding to the grade pens for atleast five or so more.

The top priced animal sold to the Tremain family, Ferndale Partnership, Yeoval, as the second last auction ram of the day, by the Billandri 05-0142 sire, with a tremendous ASBV Index of 173 at 17.71 micron, with a 3.28 standard deviation and 18.64 coefficient variation.

The Tremains bought two rams out of the auction for $3800 and $2000 and then paid the top price out of the grade rams at $2100.

Tony Hill, “Springvale”, Cootamundra, stepped up to the plate this year buying 13 rams at auction for $1454 and then another 10 of the grades at $1040, where in the past has bought the majority from the pens and five or so from the auction.\

Curwin McClure, “Duneden”, Tarcutta, again made it tough for the other buyers, setting his sights early on some of the better rams, purchasing eight rams to $2400 tops at auction.

Chris Komor, “Willowbend Station”, Boorowa, pulled the auctioneers into line slowing the sale to his pace buying nine rams at auction for $1389 and a further five at $1100 in the grades.

David Eccleston, “Bonnie Doon”, Cooma, bought five at $1480, while Kevin Coves, Landmark Goulburn, advised Brian Andreson, “Lower Sylvia Vale”, Binda, buying six at $1950.

Fergus and Rosemary Irving,“ Tramore”, Woodside, Victoria, bought six at $800 out of the auction and another six for the same money in the grades, while Mick Larritt, “Woodstock”, Cooma, finished the sale with six at $1567 and Tony Street, Ocean Grove, Vic, secured seven at $1014.

James Flick, Flick Estates Pty Ltd, Cumnock, fought hard buying seven at $1100 at auction and another seven at $800 in the grades.

Hazeldean conduct their own sale with Tony Dowe and Paul Dooley as the auctioneer.


  • Hazeldean Merinos Riverina Ram Sale 2010

Buyers looking for consistent breeding in their Merino flocks took home a swag of rams from the Hazeldean Riverina ram sale last Thursday, where prices reached $2800.

The sale was held by the Litchfield family on their "Rosevale" property at Hay where they offered a line-up of 96 rams, 84 of which were sold at auction to average $1250.

The top-priced ram was secured by repeat clients, the Gibson Family, "Greystones" , Rowsley, Victoria, through their property manager, Leigh Harrison.

Mr. Harrison said he was keen to secure the top-priced ram for its good body type, staple length and micron, which would help improve their wool type which sits at 18 to 19 micron.

The ram had a16.9 micron wool,SD of 2.56 micron Co-efficient of variation of 15.38 % and comfort factor of 99.7%.

Mr. harrison snapped up 13 of the Cooma-bred rams- to average $1607 - which will be joined to ther 3000 Merino breeders.

He said the Cooma-bred rams produced soft, better handling wool, which performed well in the Bacchus Marxh environment in Victoria.

The said the Hazeldean genetcis provided a good meat/wool package, with "Greystones selling wether lambs each year through the Ballarat saleyards, Vic, or direct to the export market.

This year, they sold 2000 one-year old Merino wethers at the Ballarat yards for a top of $146, to average $136, producing a 20 kg carcase weight.

Hazeldean stud principal, Jim Litchfield, Cooma, said he was plesaed with the $200 lift in the average price on last year.

The top price also jumped $600, reflecting the positive mood in the sheep industry.

Volume buyer, TA Field Estates, Pevensey Station, Hay, bought 13 rams to a top of $1700 to average $1123.

David and Erica Shorter, "Boola", Burren Junction, secured six rams for a top of $1800 to average $1383

Coniston Pastoral Co. Ballyrogan, Vic, bought 8 rams to a top of $2400 to average $1625.

Buyers travelled from Murrami. Burren Junction, Galore, and the local area, as well as Yass, Navarre, ROwsley, Cohuna, Ararat, Strathalbyn and Darriman in Victoria.

-story courtesy The Land  28/10/10