Merino Semen Sires

Hazeldean Maverick 16-113

 Hazeldean Maverick 16-000113 is an impressive Poll Merino ram (PH) we have bred and progeny tested at Hazeldean Cooma. Maverick is a great outcross to Hugh daughters with his great constitution, stylish, bold crimping white wool. Maverick is sired by Centre Plus Poll 907538 out of a Nerstane 080121 ewe, combining two well proven genetic lines. Maverick is a trait leader for Yearling Clean Fleeceweight, Yearling Fibre Diameter, Yearling weight and Yearling Staple Strength and a trait leader for all indexes.

  • Trait leader across all Sheep Genetics indexes

  • Top 1% for YCFW, top 10% for YFD, top 5% for YWT

  • Super Sound Structure

Sire Name Cost per Straw
Hazeldean 16000113 $60
16.113 - Copy (3).jpg