Angus Semen Sires

Te Mania Berkley VTMB1

Trait Value
Front Claw Set 6
Front Feet Angle 6
Rear Claw Set5
Rear Feet Angle 5
Rear Leg Hind 5
Rear Leg Side 5
Scrotal Size 41
Sheath Navel 4

Te Mania Berkley - the standout sire in Australian Angus.

Berkley continues to perform and produce outstanding calves. His performance data is exceptional, combining a low birth weight EBV of +3.4 through explosive growth EBV’s that reach +127 at 600 days and carcase data that puts his Long Fed Index at $147. He has great physical presence being very balanced with natural thickness and good body length.

His fertility and calving ease EBV’s are equally outstanding - he is an Angus Breed Trait Leader eleven times and now has more than 3000 progeny analysed in over 100 herds. At Hazeldean he has produced 162 bull calves. Hazeldean purchased Berkley in 2010 for $65,000 and in 2011 semen distribution was signed for the UK and Ireland.

At theTe Mania Autumn bull sale in 2012 a Berkley son was sold for $91,000.

Sire Name Under 50 Straws 50 - 150 Straws Over 150 Straws
Te Mania Berkley VTMB1 1-24 $100; 25-49 $75 $50 $40
  • Top 1% for Calving Ease

  • Top 1% Gestation Length

  • Top 1% for 200,400 & 600 Day weights

  • Top 1% for Days to calving

  • Top 1% for Carcase weight

  • Top 1% for all Australian $indexes

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