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Hazeldean Riverina Merino Ram Sale 

100 Merino & Poll Merino Rams                      

Thursday October 15th

Rosevale, Hay

Catalogue now on-line

Richard Cannon 0427 931 177
Jim Litchfield 0417 676 561 or 
02 6453 5555


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150th Anniversary Hazeldean Merino Ram Sale 

120 Merino & Poll Merino Rams

Saturday October 31st.

Hazeldean Cooma

please note sale date for this year is on a Saturday. 


Catalogue now on-line


Jim Litchfield 0417 676 561 or 
02 6453 5555


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Commencing at 12:30pm

This sale will also be interfaced with Auctions Plus

Comprising of:

1100 Wyvern Bred Merino Ewes


3100 Wyvern Bred Merino Ewes


300 Wyvern Bred Merino Ewes


4000 Wyvern Bred Wether Lambs


The Wyvern flock is Hazeldean based, with contract bred rams coming from their depot at Rosevale, Hay, and the flock is classed by Craig Wilson. Wethers are regularly entered in the Peter Westblade wether trial and the sheep perform very well. The breeding flock average 18.7 micron, whilst the lambs are 2 micron finer. Rams selected going into the flock are selected using the MP+ index and the main production traits selected for are increasing fleece and body weight, whilst reducing micron. The sheep are well known for their easy care and ability to generate excellent financial returns, and will suit any breeding objective

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View Hazeldean Merino Brochure


Introducing Hazeldean Harlequin H2 (AI) (ET)



Harlequin is an outstanding young bull by TC Total and out of our top donor cow Hazeldean A90.
A90 is by Bando 9074 going back to a great old cow by Hazeldean Renaissance. Harlequin has a great spread of numbers from +5.7 for birthweight through to +127 for 600 day weight and has been structurally assessed rating 5’s and 6’s right through...more

Hazeldean "Hugh" 11-003542 top sire on SGA for MP+  and FP+ indices



Hazeldean 11-003542 “Hugh” is a very exciting Poll Merino ram we have bred and progeny tested at Hazeldean Cooma and Hay. He currently sits at the top of the MP+ and FP+ Indexes. “Hugh” is a long bodied, very correct ram who carries a tremendously large fleece of soft, sound, long stapled white wool. He is a very uncomplicated sheep with a productive skin. “Hugh” is sired by Stockman Jim out of a HAZ 2.9558 ewe, which combines two well proven genetic more

Find out for yourself what Hazeldean Merino genetics can do - run your own bloodline comparison trial.

Trial rams available for on farm evaluation - 02 6453 5555
How to run an on-farm bloodline comparison trial

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If you have Hazeldean blood Angus or Merinos for sale we are happy to advertise them here for you. Call 02 6453 5555

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Hazeldean Marcus Oldham Scholarship

Hazeldean offers a $10,000 scholarship at Marcus Oldham College in Victoria to assist and encourage students pursuing a career in Agriculture and specialising in livestock production.....more