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A unique opportunity to acquire some or all of the 2014 drop heifers from one of Australia's foremost commercial Angus herds.

Nothing retained. To be sold in weight ranges - see Auctions+ for details and photos









Jim Litchfield, Hazeldean, 0417 676 561

John Curtis, Hazeldean,  0428 889 453

Gary Evans, Monaro Livestock and Property, Cooma 0427 994 429

On Friday 10th July we are offering our entire drop of 2014 commercial heifers on Auctions Plus.
This presents an outstanding opportunity for those looking for additional numbers to secure the very best of our commercial Angus genetics - to be sold with none retained.
We have made this decision primarily owing to the ongoing drought at Hay and the restructuring of our arrangements in South Australia. Both events leading to an increase in female numbers on our Monaro properties. While we continue to enjoy a very favourable season and ample paddock feed to take us through the winter, stud activities in both sheep and cattle have limited our ability to run current stock levels through until joining.

Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale 2015

150 Performance Bulls
120 Angus - 30 Senegus




Thursday August 13th, 2015
Pinora, Jackson, QLD

Commencing 11am

Request a catalogue 

Jim Litchfield 0417 676 561 or 
02 6453 5555

Richard Cannon 0427 931 177


View Hazeldean Angus 2015 Brochure
View Hazeldean Senegus 2015 Brochure

 300 Hazeldean blood ewes - auctionsplus 7th July

A/C Robertan Pastoral - NAVARRE

300 Hazeldean blood 2014 drop ewes by MP+ rams will sell on auctionsplus next Tuesday 7th July. The sheep are surplus to the Tehan's ongoing breeding operation and would suit anyone expanding their Hazeldean flock.

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 Auctionsplus sale no. 9005480  LANDMARK

bredwellfedwell workshop - Friday 24th July at Hazeldean

RSVP Monday 20th July - Kelly Matthews 02 64535555    email us

Hazeldean Spring Bull Sale 2015

80 Performance Bulls





Tuesday September 1st, 2015
Hazeldean, Cooma, NSW

Commencing 1pm

Request a catalogue 

Jim Litchfield 0417 676 561 or 
02 6453 5555

Ben Rolfe 0429 645 355


View Hazeldean Angus 2015 Brochure
View Hazeldean Senegus 2015 Brochure


Introducing Hazeldean Harlequin H2 (AI) (ET)



Harlequin is an outstanding young bull by TC Total and out of our top donor cow Hazeldean A90.
A90 is by Bando 9074 going back to a great old cow by Hazeldean Renaissance. Harlequin has a great spread of numbers from +5.7 for birthweight through to +127 for 600 day weight and has been structurally assessed rating 5’s and 6’s right through...more

 April Cooma Weaner Sale

Prices were up at April 9th's Cooma Weaner Sale,  where agent Tim Schofield said they were some of the best prices he had seen on the Monaro after a bumper summer and autumn season. Congratulations to Hazeldean clients who sold at the top of the market - Anthony Selden, 13 steers weighing 397kg at $945, Peter Devereux, 17 at 313kg for $825, Rob Belcher, 20 Spring drop weaner steers at $715, David Hanlon, 46 steers sold to a top of $860 and averaged $796.50, as well as 22 seven to eight month heifers at $645.


Stanthorpe Blue Ribbon Weaner Sale

On the same day,at the Stanthorpe Blue RIbbon Weaner Sale,  Hazeldean clients Rod & Glenda Reeves, Rodglen Pty Ltd, Stanthorpe, QLD sold weaner steers weighing 374kg to $276.2c/kg at $1032 per head.


Hazeldean "Hugh" 11-003542 top sire on SGA for MP+  and FP+ indices



Hazeldean 11-003542 “Hugh” is a very exciting Poll Merino ram we have bred and progeny tested at Hazeldean Cooma and Hay. He currently sits at the top of the MP+ and FP+ Indexes. “Hugh” is a long bodied, very correct ram who carries a tremendously large fleece of soft, sound, long stapled white wool. He is a very uncomplicated sheep with a productive skin. “Hugh” is sired by Stockman Jim out of a HAZ 2.9558 ewe, which combines two well proven genetic more

Have a read of The Hazeldean Letter - MERINO, including:

Celebrating 60 years of measurement at Hazeldean
Spring Sale preview
New Super Sires that will stack the wool on and improve wool quality

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Find out for yourself what Hazeldean Merino genetics can do - run your own bloodline comparison trial.

Trial rams available for on farm evaluation - 02 6453 5555
How to run an on-farm bloodline comparison trial

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If you have Hazeldean blood Angus or Merinos for sale we are happy to advertise them here for you. Call 02 6453 5555

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Hazeldean Marcus Oldham Scholarship

Hazeldean offers a $10,000 scholarship at Marcus Oldham College in Victoria to assist and encourage students pursuing a career in Agriculture and specialising in livestock production.....more