Performance Testing

Hazeldean Senegus are performance tested using the group breedplan technology which analyses the growth and production attributes of beef cattle. The analysis includes the growth and production of the individual of all recorded relatives.

Breedplan is a logical means of providing the only solution to the otherwise impossible task of weighing up individual bull performance and adjusting for pedigree and the performance of brothers and sisters.

Clients Kim & Carol Lansdowne from 'Southernwood' near Emerald recently entered a pen of Hazeldean Senegus steers in the Paddock to Plate competition at the 2015 Brisbane Royal Show and were thrilled to be placed 8th out of 88 entries. Great to see the Hazeldean Senegus really performing!

Carcase Results

In a trial at Kerwee feedlot in SE Queensland, 32 Hazeldean Senegus steers were trialled against the other steers in the feedlot. Entering the feedlot they were lighter than the average but over the 206 days in the feedlot they gained more weight than the average .


'Cattle performance was well above average for the group. Having entered 40kg lighter, after 206 days on feed they had gained more weight than the average... I am really impressed by these cattle.'
Jim Cudmore, Feedlot manager