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Hazeldean Scholarship

Hazeldean offers a scholarship at Marcus Oldham College in Victoria to assist and encourage students pursuing a career in Agriculture and specialising in livestock production.

The Hazeldean Marcus Oldham Livestock Production Scholarship

The Hazeldean Livestock Production Scholarship provides $10,000 financial support for a student studying one of the three courses offered within the Rural Business Management Program at Marcus Oldham College in Geelong,Victoria. To be eligible, applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have had a minimum of 12 months full time farming experience and have a particular interest in livestock production. Recipients work for 12 months on farm at Hazeldean as part of the scholarship.

One of the aims of the scholarship is to increase the understanding and acceptance of proven scientific research and how it can lift the profitability of Australia's extensive grazing industries. This involves providing information and training on the latest developments in animal breeding, selection and management.

Hazeldean has extended its association with Marcus Oldham College and is proud to offer the Hazeldean Livestock Production Scholarship.

Hazeldean recognizes Marcus Oldham College as a pioneer of practical farm management education, encouraging the ethos of objectivity, best practice and self improvement amongst its graduates.

Hazeldean has benefited from employing Marcus graduates for management positions and sees the provision of the Scholarship as beneficial to the future of the company and Australian agriculture generally.



To register your interest and receive an application form:
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