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Merino & Poll Merino Semen

Hazeldean Merinos perform at the top of the Merino industry and combine low fibre diameter with high fleeceweight consistently more than any other genetic source.

The rams below are particularly ideal for fine wool seedstock producers looking to lift fleeceweight while not wanting to let go of low fibre diameter. They will also suit all other merino seedstock breeders wanting to access high value genetics that will maximise returns per hectare. Hazeldean sires give a significant lift in fleece ASBVs and will place your rams at the leading edge of genetic evaluation."   

Hazeldean regularly collects semen from its top performing sires. Semen is made available to the wider industry once an individual animals genetic superiority is established beyond any doubt and this can only be achieved through accurate progeny testing.

With the greater uptake of SGA breeding values by the wider industry, it is more evident than ever that Hazeldean is a clear leader in performance and overall profit.

Hazeldean genetics have the best balance of production traits to ensure maximised profitability. It has been proven in so many genetic evaluations and trials that Hazeldean is the most potent “bloodline to buck the trend” and drive up fleece weight and reduce micron. Hazeldean genetics is proven to increase fleece weight as has been proven time again in sire evaluations and wether trials.

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The following sires are all Merino Superior Sires. To view their ASBV's and indexes click on the sire name