Angus Semen Sires

Hazeldean Jaipur J140

Hazeldean Jaipur J140 is the standout young sire currently at Hazeldean. He is by Ardrossan Equator A241 out of a great old Hazeldean Renaissance cow, Hazeldean C33.

Jaipur was identified as a keep bull at Hazeldean owing to several things we hold dear. He is first of all very sound on his feet and legs scoring 5 and 5 for front foot structure. Elsewhere he is also very good. Secondly he is very docile. Thirdly he has excellent fertility EBVs and his birth to 400/600 day growth spread places him as one of those rare individuals who straddles both calving ease and growth parameters with true performance .

Like other Australian Angus breeders we have been frustrated with many imported  AI sires appearing in this country. The lack of breeding depth resulting in a huge range in phenotypes plus issues with temperament and structure have encouraged us to look in as well as looking out.

We are delighted with Jaipur and further encouraged by the many positive reports we hear from those who have inspected him.  


Sire Name Under 50 Straws 50 - 150 Straws Over 150 Straws
Hazeldean Jaipur NHZJ140 $50 $35 $35
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