What our Senegus clients have to say...

“We heard about the Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull sale at Jackson and the great reputation of Hazeldean Angus, and thought we would like to try some Senegus bulls. So we purchased 8 bulls at the sale in 2009 using the EBV’s provided and selected for low birth weight, high 600 day weight, good fat statistics and on type and testicle size……..and we got them!”.

“The bulls have thrived here; they are very “easy doing” and very fertile The calves are born with no drama, are very vigorous, grow quickly. They are slick coated and have outstanding temperament. An added significant benefit is that the majority are polled. This has changed our herd characteristics enormously, and the replacement heifers will be influential with better fertility”

The first lot of heifers mated were very fertile with high conception rates. They are excellent mothers with great udders and are easy care. Calving percentages are definitely up in the paddocks with the senegus bulls and the bulls have handled the ticks, heat and flies no worries. 

“We are extremely happy with the improved fertility, heat and tick tolerance, improved temperament, easy care of progeny, early puberty and fertility and good maternal instincts in the heifers. Conception rates are up, we have no calving problems, growth rates are good and fertility has definitely improved”.

"The steers are grow really well, maturing early and are heavy weight for age. They sell in the top price range at Emerald saleyards."

Kim and Carole Lansdowne, Southernwood Station, Emerald, QLD

"Our first senegus bulls came from Hazeldean in 2005. We were very pleased with the predictability of the progeny and have continued to buy their bulls almost on an annual basis."

"Grass-fed steer trials have been held in this area over the last few years. Steers from local producers go into a common paddock to grow out over a 12-15 month period. Although usually among the youngest in the trial our steers consistently perform very well."

Reay & Lyndy Cowan, Hughenden, QLD

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