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Hazeldean Merino Monaro Ram Sale 2018

200 Merino & Poll Merino Rams
Hazeldean, Cooma NSW







Featuring sons of Hugh 11.3542, Australia's Top Performing Ram

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Dear Clients,

The genetic strength of this years Hazeldean ram drop as compared to industry ASBV average is exciting and unparalleled:  

Hazeldean average for all 2017 Hazeldean sale rams is -1.9  for yearling FD and +22.5 for yearling clean fleeceweight. Industry average for 2017 drop rams is -0.9 for yearling fibre diameter and +12.5 for yearling clean fleeceweight. Hazeldean sheep are clearly way out in front for both fibre fineness and fleeceweight.
In addition to these 2 major profit drivers the body weight of Hazeldean sheep remains lower than industry average meaning maintenance requirements are less. This results in even higher returns when worked out on a per DSE or per hectare basis. It is a staggering result to have these numbers as the average of the 890 rams we are selecting through this year. Most AI sires in the broader industry do not have figures on individual rams that match the average of the Hazeldean flock.

 Although the seasonal conditions in 2018 have been particularly trying we can take great heart in the strength of the wool market which continues to be undersupplied.

We look forward to seeing you on sale day.

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Dear Merino Breeder,

Hazeldean has always supported objective comparisons of bloodlines and individual sheep. It helps us identify other sources of genetics that we can use that can improve our sheep in certain areas and it helps maintain genetic diversity which is critical in these days of large scale AI programs. It also benchmarks Hazeldean against the rest of the industry which we think is important for national genetic progress and valuable to the industry at large.

With all comparisons it is the broader picture emerging that provides the most valuable information. Individual trials are not necessarily something to hang your hat on but once the power of averaging works over a number of analyses, valuable and accurate information is clear.

One thing that has probably not captured the attention of the main stream of wool producers observing these objective comparisons, is profitability per hectare. It is all very well running big sheep cutting large quantities of wool that perform well in wether trials but if the maintenance costs of these large animals offsets the returns then profitability will start to slide. Few managers work this out, preferring to see a pen of magnificent wethers and not thinking that perhaps they might be better off with slightly smaller sheep cutting similar or in some cases greater quantities of wool. It is these animals that improve the most important marker – profitability per hectare.

We have been encouraged by a number of analyses that have identified Hazeldean blood sheep as excelling in this fundamental profit driver. In the Peter Westblade trial Hazeldean blood wethers did exceptionally well and those that study the ASBV profile in Sheep Genetics have arrived at a similar conclusion.

We look forward to seeing you on sale day.


Jim Litchfield, September 2018


Hazeldean Sale Rams cut more wool that is of higher value, on sheep with lower maintenance requirements, giving more profit per hectare.

7% Index explained and Trait Contribution to Profit

Teams 18 & 300 also use Hazeldean Rams

Teams 18 & 300 also use Hazeldean Rams

Teams 18 & 30 also use Hazeldean Rams

Teams 18 & 30 also use Hazeldean Rams

Hazeldean Genetic Trends over the last 10 years. Hazeldean has far heavier fleeces than the average, that are also finer than the average and with indexes far above the average of the breed.  Click to view data.


Rams will be available for private selection following the sale or any other time by appointment.

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Watch interviews with clients & industry experts about why they use Hazeldean genetics

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The Hazeldean Breeding Policy

The special treatment of small groups through shedding and provision of artificial rations is at odds to the philosophy of the stud. To give accurate and meaningful measurement information, it is necessary to evaluate animals by running them in large contemporary groups under conditions equivalent to those experienced in the world of commercial wool growing.

Hazeldean therefore runs its stud operations along the lines of a commercial wool growing and breeding enterprise.

Hazeldean bases its selection decisions and grading for sale on a measurement system that has been in place for many years. Measurement, when applied with common sense, significantly improves the accuracy of selecting for heritable traits of economic importance such as fleece weight and fibre diameter. 

Hazeldean Flock Health Status

The Hazeldean flock is assessed under the National Johne's Disease Market Assurance Program and holds a status of Monitored Negative 3 Vaccinated ( MN3-V).

The Hazeldean flock is also accredited as Brucellosis free.

Please note
Although Hazeldean employs best practice procedures in livestock husbandry and does it's best to ensure every animal catalogued for sale is free from disease, internal parasites and external parasites it does not guarantee that any sale animal is free of disease, internal parasites or external parasites.

Semen Interests

Hazeldean retains 100% semen interest and marketing rights on all rams sold including if the ram is onsold,  however this does not stop the purchaser from collecting and using semen in their own flock. The rams are sold with full physical ownership to the buyer. If Hazeldean decides to collect and market semen from any ram sold, we will arrange and pay for transport and collection costs, and organise a suitable time to collect the ram.

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