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Hazeldean Best of the Best Ram Sale and Woolgrowers Breakfast 2020

30 Merino & Poll Merino Rams
Hazeldean, Cooma NSW



On Friday January 17th 2020 we will offer 30 of our top 2018 drop rams. These rams are truly top of the drop, specially selected for a second stage shearing in December, representing a unique opportunity to purchase the most accurate and high performing genetics Hazeldean has to offer. Sons of high performing Hazeldean super sires; Hazeldean Hugh, Hazeldean 16.113 and Hazeldean 12.4030 will be on offer alongside other high performance sirelines.

Join us for breakfast then hear industry leaders’ insights into how to maximise the benefits of the current wool boom.

Then take a look at Hazeldean’s Best of the Best young sires that will give you bigger fleece weights and higher wool value.

Get Proof. Get Profit. Get Hazeldean.

There are a couple of very good youtube presentations on how to select rams using ASBV’s - refresh your memory or learn more about how to use them - click to view

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Enquiries: 02 6453 5555'
Bea Litchfield 0427 933 103

Ed Bradley 0412 298 546

Jim Litchfield 0417 676 561

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Hazeldean Sale Rams cut more wool that is of higher value, on sheep with lower maintenance requirements, giving more profit per hectare.

7% Index explained and Trait Contribution to Profit

Teams 18 & 300 also use Hazeldean Rams

Teams 18 & 300 also use Hazeldean Rams

Teams 18 & 30 also use Hazeldean Rams

Teams 18 & 30 also use Hazeldean Rams

Hazeldean Genetic Trends over the last 10 years. Hazeldean has far heavier fleeces than the average, that are also finer than the average and with indexes far above the average of the breed.  Click to view data.


Rams will be available for private selection following the sale or any other time by appointment.

Selecting the right ram.....read more

click here to find out how to use ASBV's & Indexes
click here to find out more about Merino Select Indexes
Pdf file Pocket Guide - an easy to understand guide to using ASBV's


Go to our Hazeldean Litchfield youtube channel to watch interviews with clients & industry experts about why they use Hazeldean genetics & some excellent videos on how to use ASBVs

Hazeldean clients excel in Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge...read more

The Hazeldean Breeding Policy

The special treatment of small groups through shedding and provision of artificial rations is at odds to the philosophy of the stud. To give accurate and meaningful measurement information, it is necessary to evaluate animals by running them in large contemporary groups under conditions equivalent to those experienced in the world of commercial wool growing.

Hazeldean therefore runs its stud operations along the lines of a commercial wool growing and breeding enterprise.

Hazeldean bases its selection decisions and grading for sale on a measurement system that has been in place for many years. Measurement, when applied with common sense, significantly improves the accuracy of selecting for heritable traits of economic importance such as fleece weight and fibre diameter. 

Hazeldean Flock Health Status

The Hazeldean flock is assessed under the National Johne's Disease Market Assurance Program and holds a status of Monitored Negative 3 Vaccinated ( MN3-V).

The Hazeldean flock is also accredited as Brucellosis free.

Please note
Although Hazeldean employs best practice procedures in livestock husbandry and does it's best to ensure every animal catalogued for sale is free from disease, internal parasites and external parasites it does not guarantee that any sale animal is free of disease, internal parasites or external parasites.

Semen Interests

Hazeldean retains 100% semen interest and marketing rights on all rams sold including if the ram is onsold,  however this does not stop the purchaser from collecting and using semen in their own flock. The rams are sold with full physical ownership to the buyer. If Hazeldean decides to collect and market semen from any ram sold, we will arrange and pay for transport and collection costs, and organise a suitable time to collect the ram.

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