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Hazeldean Spring Bull Sale 2019

  • Hazeldean 1410 Maffra road The Brothers Australia (map)

80 High Performance Bulls
Hazeldean, Cooma

Jim Litchfield: 0417 676 561 or 02 64535555
Bea Litchfield: 0427 933 103

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Sale conducted by Elders Steve Ridley: 0407 483 108

Sale conducted by Elders
Steve Ridley: 0407 483 108

We welcome you to our 2019 Spring Angus Bull Sale. With many areas still in the relentless grip of the dry, commercial functionality in our breeding herds is the priority to enable commercial producers to continue through this dry time and maximise profits when seasons swing our way again. Our operation is based solely on commercial relevance which translates through the supply chain. We run our stud herd side by side with our commercial herd. Genetics used in the stud directly flow into our commercial enterprise. As you can all appreciate, the best outcome for a commercial herd on an annual basis is to have high conceptions, no calving trouble, high rebreed rate and an even line of well grown weaners to sell, grow out, or retain as future breeders. Further down the chain, in the feeding and processing segments, a product that consistently performs well is pursued and receives a premium.

With consistency comes brand recognition. We have been particularly pleased in this tough season to see our bloodline being sought after by renown processors. Steers from our commercial herd and those of our clients receive significant premiums with our entire drop of steers bought by Rangers Valley each year. The Hazeldean brand is consistent, reliable and relevant to commercial breeders through to processors.

This year’s sale team is a great reflection of our brand. You will notice a high portion of these bulls are sired by our own Hazeldean bred bulls. Hazeldean J140 has been used heavily in the program for his structural correctness to ensure our cattle maintain functionality, longevity and docility. Hazeldean Katzen K416 is a standout for his short gestation, high growth and impressive phenotype. Hazeldean F1023 has been used significantly after his outstanding performance in the Angus Sire Benchmarking pushing him into the number one seat for IMF EBV within Angus Australia. Although these sires have their strengths they all maintain the base requirement for the Hazeldean brand of calving ease, growth, carcase, temperament and constitution.

Hazeldean sire's exceptional performance in Angus Australia Sire Benchmarking Programme

The progeny of Hazeldean sires NHZF493 and NHZF1023 part of cohort 3 of the AA sire benchmarking programme have performed exceptionally well, in all traits including calving ease, growth, and particularly carcase– Out of progeny from 40 sires F1023 progeny ranked 1st for carcase IMF and 2nd for MSA index and F493 progeny were ranked 7th for IMF, and  3rd, 2nd and 4th for 200, 400 & 600 day weight.

  BWT 200 400 600 RIB FAT RUMP FAT Scan IMF Carcase IMF Scan EMA MSA marble score MSA Index
F1023* 25th 12th 17th 15th 2nd 10th 2nd 1st 5th 3rd 2nd
F493* 26th 3rd 2nd 4th 10th 2nd 4th 7th 4th 8th 5th

* Progeny rank our of 40 sires

There were 24 progeny from F1023 and 29 progeny from F493

Summary of results of cohort 3

For full results go to AA

Hazeldeans Semen Terms & Conditions

Hazeldean's Outstanding Calving Ease

Hazeldean has been selecting for calving ease for more than 20 years - our heifers calve down easily with only a handful of the more than 400 calving heifers having any sort of difficulty. Any female who has problems calving for whatever reason is culled from the herd. Calving difficulties are not much fun to deal with and a live calf worth a hell of alot more than a dead one!

Reputation the Reward for Quality Breeding

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Hazeldean Sales information

Hazeldean Guarantee and Replacements, Refunds, Credits

Although we do our very best to ensure every bull we catalogue sees out many years of good service, occasionally premature breakdowns occur. In this event we guarantee unconditionally all bulls for 12 months from purchase and further if poor reproduction results from a genetic defect we were unaware of pre-sale. Our policy is to look after the people who look after us so if there is a problem please let us know.

To resolve the issue of a bull breakdown we will work with you to achieve the best outcome for your breeding enterprise. In the instance of a bull breaking down during the breeding season we will endeavour to find a replacement and get him to you ASAP. If you are able to cover the breakdown with a spare, then we will either offer a replacement at a later date or issue a credit equivalent to the purchase price of the original bull that you can use at a future sale.

Semen Terms & Conditions

Hazeldean retains semen rights on all bulls sold unless otherwise agreed upon, according to Hazeldean Semen Terms & Conditions.


Any animal that either dies or has to be destroyed due to injury within 28 days of sale will be replaced or refunded by Hazeldean. Additional insurance to cover death or loss of use after 28 days can be arranged at the sale.

Health Check

All sale bulls are thoroughly assessed by a vet prior to sale. Animals displaying faults likely to interfere with a normal & productive life are culled

The Hazeldean herd holds a Johne's Beef Assurance Score (J-BAS) of 8, the highest level.

Bulls are vaccinated for Vibriosis, Pestivirus, and receive a 7 in 1 vaccination

Queensland sale bulls are vaccinated for 3 day sickness and tick fever

We recommend that you organise a pre-mating bull examination at least 6 weeks prior to joining to ensure that he is in the best of health & capable of producing pregnancies. This should include a serving ability test where the bull is observed serving a cow or heifer.

Please note:
Although Hazeldean employs best practice procedures in livestock husbandry and does it's best to ensure every animal catalogued for sale is free from disease, internal parasites and external parasites it does not guarantee that any sale animal is free of disease, internal parasites or external parasites.

The sale bulls have been independently assessed by Liam Cardile from BeefXcel.  Read more

Looking after your bulls when you get them home and how to get the most out of your bulls. Read more

Hazeldean Free Delivery

Within 100km of the sale venue Hazeldean will deliver bulls free of charge to the purchasers property

Between 100km and 1000km bulls will be delivered free to the nearest major centre