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Hazeldean Senegus

With experience in the north we know the sort of animal that is suitable to these conditions. Animals that can work in the heat, are capable of storing energy quickly as body fat when seasons permit and will not fall in a heap after calving but rather rebreed within two months post partum.

Hazeldean Senegus combine the beef cattle breeding expertise of Hazeldean with exceptional qualities of Hazeldean Angus and Senepol breeds. Hazeldean is using sires from the world's top Senepols and crossing them over Hazeldean Angus females to produce Senegus catttle. The cross produces exceptional cattle possessing the heat and parasite tolerance of the Senepol combined with the superior fertility, growth and carcase attributes of Hazeldean Angus. Hazeldean Senegus cattle provide a very distinct advantage and application to commercial beef breeding operations in the North focused on increased production and efficiency as well as higher value carcases from hot northern environments as part of their breeding goals.

Bulls are available in August at our Hazeldean Senegus Bull Sale at Gracemere, QLD.  


Why Senegus & not Senepol?

The secret lies in the slick skin. Composite animals inheriting the slick skin will also inherit 100% of the heat tolerance and parasite resistance of the pure Senepol. This has been proven through University of Florida research. The Angus brings to the table higher fertility and well known buyer preference for black skinned cattle.

Northern beef producers are looking for higher fertility and improved carcase quality in their cattle and to breed animals with less Bos Indicus attributes and more Bos Taurus while maintaining environmental suitability.

Hazeldean Senegus are quiet, fertile, have strong maternal traits, and are now in herds right up into the Gulf. They have increased the fertility in many herds with higher conception rates and weaning percentages. Carcase data from Senegus steers is outstanding.

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