Senegus Semen Sires

Hazeldean Hurricane 5.251

Hazeldean Hurricane 5.251 is the standout Senegus sire in our breeding program. He is by PRR 2110L , a bull who consistently sires high fertility daughters, typically reaching puberty early and conceiving to calve at 2 years of age with no assisted births .

Hurricane is a large framed bull with a quiet nature and the renowned easy doing “browsing “ ability which has made the Senegus cattle so well suited to our hot low rainfall, rangeland conditions where conventional fodder in the form of grass has been in short supply over much of the past 4 to 5 years.

Hurricane is a slick coated bull and therefore possesses the tick and heat tolerance potential that goes with this trait.

We recommend Hurricane to breeders looking to use the best in Senegus genetics in their breeding program

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Sire Name Under 50 Straws 50 - 150 Straws Over 150 Straws
Hazeldean Hurricane 5.251 $45 $40 $35
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