Senegus Semen Sires

Hazeldean Manfred

Hazeldean Manfred is the pick of the Hurricane sons, born in 2009 and producing outstanding, slick-coated calves. His raw data is outstanding - 42kg for birth weight, 423kg at 400days , 775kg at 600days, 5 for Rib & Rump fat and 104 for EMA.

He is very fertile (Scrotal Size of 41cm), and is producing well put together daughters.

He has excellent foot structure (all 5's & 6's), is B- for muscle score (Liam Cardile Beef Excel) and quiet temperament

 Call the Hazeldean Office on 02 64535555 to order semen or for more information

Sire Name Under 50 Straws 50 - 150 Straws Over 150 Straws
Hazeldean Manfred $35 $30 $25
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